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Touchfest : ShipWatch 07 Begins

In iTunes/iPod on September 13, 2007 at 8:37 pm

14 day until the 28th
Status : Not Yet Shipped

It’s beginning to look a lot like the Touch Launch.
E-verywhere you go!

Yes, some stores are starting to have them in stock, photos are up on Flickr but most importantly (for me anyways) apparently, some iPod touch online orders have entered the “Prepared for Shipment” phase.

September 28th be dammed! It’s ShipWatch 07 time!

ShipWatch is when I start posting “up-to-the-moment-I-discover-it” information about where my Apple orders are in the Apple delivery system. You might not care at all. I wouldn’t blame you. It’s more of a therapy for me; it makes something to do while I wait. I have yet to get the “Prepared for Shipment” notice but I’ll be waiting eagerly until I do. Until then, please check out my post on iTunes PRODUCT (RED) Cards and how you can help Africa in the fight against AIDS. It’s the post right under this one.


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