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The Checklist

In iTunes/iPod on September 16, 2007 at 6:32 pm

11 days until the 28th. 
Status : Not Yet Shipped

And so, I wait impatiently for my touch while at the same time hope it won’t be one from the bad batch. While, I, and others, wait, here’s a checklist of what important stuff I need to try out.

– Check out multi-lingual support. Try the iPod in English, for review purposes, then set it to French for personal use. Don’t forget to check out the accent support described by Playlist.
-Surf the iPhone web. Find some sites to try out. iPhone Application List has a ton.
-Try out this sweet trick from C|NET : making webpages available offline. First try it out with Bejeweled.
-Test screen for Negative Black Bug. This site I found on the MacRumors Forums should help. I’ll also try out with video, including the iPod touch Guided Tour.
-YouTube. I’m not really hooked on it yet but I bet I will be after a view vids on the touch.
-Test the Wi-Fi Music Store. Also see if iTunes Plus works which, apparently, is the case.
-Create a contact. God knows why they made it so you can add contacts but not calendar events.
-Try out a Radio Remote. According to iLounge, it won’t work but I’d like to see for myself.
-See if TV out works with a headphone-plug-to-R-L-V cable (Granted, I had problems with 5G and 5.5G iPods with those cables – They aren’t real good). Also try out an FM transmitter. I’d like to see first hand Apple’s new abysmal third-party accessory support.
-See if my model hisses. Try it with the included earbuds and then with a borrowed pair of Skullcandy in-ears. Mine are off for repairs. 😦
-Check out that Clock app. It looks cool.
-Flick through a few pictures and album art. Tryout the double-home-button-press controls. You know, the basic playing-around stuff.


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