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In iTunes/iPod, Mac on September 18, 2007 at 3:26 pm

It’s not “9 days until I’m pissed.” I’m already pissed. It’s just “10 days before an Apple employe is on the receiving end of one long rant” – I’ll wait until the 29th to flip out. 
Status : Guess.

No point whining anymore. Fact is, not only did Apple decide to ship touches to a retail outlet that isn’t its own (Granted, with the bad screens, that might have just been a blessing in disguise.), they seem to have yet to start shipping – or prepare shipment – in large quantities to countries other than the United States. I’m really tired of being the second-rate citizen of Appleworld. We still don’t have damn TV shows or movies and the iPhone still isn’t available here!

But enough of that. I have fallen in love again with Dashboard. Well, somewhat. Using the dev mode hack that let’s you have some widgets out of the Dashboard environment and on your desktop, I’ve been using the little apps a lot more. The downside is that they are always on top of windows in this state. Fortunately, I have an external screen I had from my Windows and Mac Mini days that I have plugged into my MBP. I rarely use it so I put some Dashboard widgets on it. Currently, I’m tracking my iPod touch and my Skullcandy earbuds with Delivery Status, checking the weather with the weather widget and have this radio widget on the desktop in case I want to listen to something. I’m also using TV Forecast and TV Countdown to track upcoming shows. I have my top 4 awaited shows shown with Countdown and the rest shown with Forecast. Like so :

Why not have them all with the Countdown or Forecast widgets? The rest of the screen is just big enough to have eyeTV running.


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