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2 What?

In Mac on October 30, 2007 at 2:39 pm

‘msorry what? 2 million copies of Leopard? Since Friday? Holly crap… Wow, nice one Apple!


Welcome to Windows! How May I Piss You Off?

In Mac, Windows on a Mac on October 28, 2007 at 12:54 pm

I finished re-installing Boot Camp yesterday… or so I thought. I had to call MS since I passed the set number of installs. Two long series of numbers and a “No, I do not have it installed on another computer” later, I’m up and running. I then set up Parallels. The last thing I installed was the free Kapersky Internet Security that came with Parallels. It was not a smooth install – everything kept failing with it. Apparently, it decided to trash the whole XP install, too. I repaired a Vista install a few days earlier so I tried my luck using XP “Repair” option. Unlike Vista’s, XP repair option only gives you the tools to do it yourself. Not being a computer tech, I decided to forget about the “Repair” option and visit the XP support site. The error I was getting, according to Microsoft, only comes if I installed 98 or ME before XP or if there is no OS installed; obviously, nether option fit my case. So, I’m reisntalling XP now… and will stay the Hell away from Kapersky.

While You Back Up – Some Leopard Impressions

In Mac on October 27, 2007 at 10:16 am

Well, breakfast wasn’t enough – I’m only at 14.1 GB on 35.06 – so why don’t I talk a bit about Leopard.

The Dock – The new Dock is, well, just “OK”. The reflective surface isn’t the mind-blowing amazing-ness you might have been led to believe when you first saw it in the keynote. It’s just… OK. It doesn’t add to it nor really take away. Although there is something about icons popping over the Dock that I like and the blue lights that seem to shine through the Dock is nice. The new side Dock also look nice. It’s like the Classic Dock, but bolder and darker. Unfortunately, Stacks only appear in grids when on the side. Talking about Stacks…

Stacks –  A formerly missing feature that still misses a bit. The perfect new feature for former Windows users that can’t let go of the Start Button. Pop in the Apps folder and presto! Unfortunately, if you want to stack a couple of apps (Say, iLife to reduce clutter on the Dock), you can’t. You can only stack folders of Apps (which makes iWork easy to do but with iLife, you’ll have to make a folder first). Both the gird and “pop-out” views look well and it’s nice that Leopard knows when it’s best to use one or the other.

Quick Look – A top reason to buy Leopard. I plug in my external drive for the first time. A second later, a docx (the new Word format) file’s icon shows a miniature preview of it’s contents. I select the file and press the space bar. A small window shows up and gives me a preview of the file. My MacBook Pro then becomes covered with blood and small chunks of my brain. The fact that you can access files on the fly with the press of the space bar is huge. I could even view slides of a Keynote presentation… and I haven’t even installed Keynote yet! This ridiculous quickness and ease of use makes it a killer feature. It’s not perfect, though. There are some formatting problems and some missing content in previews and you can’t zoom in or quickly navigate multi-page documents. But the simple fact that you can quickly identify documents, pictures and video without opening an app is phenomenal.

A few observations:

-The Open/Save dialogue boxes now have iLife Media Browser-like functionality. At the bottom of the source list, you can access music, photos and video in you iTunes and iPhoto libraries.

-Apple still hates two button mice. I had to manually activate the right mouse button on my Mighty Mouse after my clean installation of Leopard.

-The new Menu Bar looks good. Some hate it’s transparency. I don’t mind it. I actually like that it adds a bit of colour to the desktop. Heck, I wish there was a transparency setting somewhere. Those who hate it could have it fully opaque but I’d have it completely invisible!Time Machine check!

Only 17.33 GB… it seems to work quicker when I’m not using the computer. Oh well.

No Longer Timeless

In Mac on October 27, 2007 at 8:31 am

Ah, Time Machine. Revered for it’s ease of use. Loathed for it’s missing support for Airport Extreme-connected network drives. It’s the showcase Leopard feature (Although, I’d say that crown should go to Quick Look.) but it does have some kinks. I decided to go ahead and try it on my external drive. I have about 60 Gigs free on it and the initial backup is about 35 GB. I’ll probably need to find another external drive soon since space for Final Cut Express projects doesn’t grown on trees. May as well go off and eat some breakfast : it’s at 1.87 GB now and it’s not exactly going at blazing speeds.

Another killer feature is the system wide grammar checker. Now, I’m sure you might not always care if there’s a better word you can use than “fast” or if it’s better to use “it’s” or “its”. You can count yourself lucky if you find a complete sentence while on the Web. But, French reeks of grammar rules. And the feature that made me love Pages is now available across OS X, in both French and English – and probably other languages too. I haven’t tested it out in French but the feature is there.

What is odd is how TextEdit now has the single feature that would render Pages perfect : Autosave! When I saw it in Apple’s list of 300+ new features, I was shocked. I still can’t believe they don’t have it in Pages!

Leopard : The Liveblog

In Mac on October 26, 2007 at 3:18 pm

Why? ‘Cause I feel like it. 🙂

8:58 PM : I’ve transfered my docs and now, I’m installing my other docs. Quick Look is amazing and fast! 

8:07 PM : Initial setup done. I’m now using Leopard 

8:00 PM : Done. Rebooting now. 

7:55 PM : 2 mins. left 

7:30 PM : I came to check on the installation after watching some Air Farce Live. It estimates about 43 more minutes to go. 

6:57 PM : And we are off… to a bumpy start. The install disk couldn’t detect my “Macintosh HD.” I went into Disk Utility and it seem to think that my hard drive didn’t have any partitions, Mac HD or otherwise. I tried to partition but it told me it was busy. I went back and it detected it correctly. I told it to Erase and Install and personalized my installation by removing hundred of megs worth of language files I won’t use. It’s now checking if the install disk is OK before going ahead with the installation.

6:41 PM : The cat has arrived. The box is nice and shinny. I’m about to launch the install.

4:14 PM : Last night, I re-calibrated my MacBook Pro’s battery. It needed it badly since It wouldn’t even fully charge anymore. According to my checklist, I’ll all done my pre-install steps now that I backed up my Mail e-mail messages. I’ll have Leopard in my hands in about an hour or two from now. I have a couple of things to do before I can do the install.

Today? Today? Today?

In Mac on October 25, 2007 at 5:42 am

My copy of Leopard has shipped! Sent by Purolator, I can’t currently track it so it’s probably still in the states. I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll get it today!

Friday’s Coming Soon… But You Already Knew That

In Mac, Wii on October 24, 2007 at 3:06 pm

I should never promise anything anymore. I don’t update the comic and haven’t finished my iPod touch review. In the end, it’s that I’m very busy and when I don’t have anything else to do, Kart Rider always seems like the right choice. 🙂 In any case, I am going to do a Super Mario Galaxy video review; I’ve been planning for a while.

Another reason why I’m busy is with the impending launch of Leopard. I’ve decide to erase my hard drive and do a clean installation. My Mac’s been acting odd these last few months so a new OS seems like the perfect time to start fresh. I’ve backed up my iTunes directory, backed up and then removed Boot Camp and just before I can get my hands on Leopard, I will back up my important files. While doing this, I’ve been covering my desk with Post-Its reminding me of everything from the apps I’ll need to reinstall to the podcasts I’ll have to subscribe to again. It might all take a while but I have the feeling it’ll be worth it.


In Mac on October 22, 2007 at 10:59 pm

Hello! It seems Apple has started the ship-extravaganza that will be Delivering OS X Leopard to (probably) thousands of online pre-orderers for (or before) the 26th. Someone at MacRumors has gotten the important message from Apple that their copy of Leopard has shipped. In actuality, FedEx only has the package info at this point but I’d take that over “Prepared for Shipment” any day.

Fall Cleaning

In Mac on October 20, 2007 at 7:42 pm

As you probably know, Mac OS X Leopard is coming this Friday. (Although the copy I’m waiting for is already “Prepared for Shipment”. Then again, I know ever since my iPod touch that that’s nothing to get excited about…) Before then, I decided to clean things up on my MacBook Pro. Erasing unnecessary files or passing them to my external drive. Un-hacking certain things. (I like my Mail panes to by like Outlook and my widgets to be visible at all times) Erasing my HD eyeTV recordings (the iPhone format looks great plus, I always watch new episodes of Chuck Tuesdays on my iPod) I’m going to see if there’s any apps I can uninstall and if I can clean up my Dock before dirtying it back up with Stacks – but it’s a organized dirty. And on the Eve of Leopardmas, I’m going to do a complete backup of all my important files. Y’know, just in case.

Osu! : The Revenge of the Agents

In DS, Like a Drug, Windows on a Mac on October 19, 2007 at 10:31 pm

I’m addicted to Elite Beat Agents. To paraphrase the Pringles slogan, “Once you tap, the fun don’t stop.” I literally need to fool myself and press the POWER button quickly before I realize it to stop playing. Well, thanks to an article on Joystiq, that feeling that drove me nuts during the last Holidays is back in the form of Osu! – an EBA/Ouendan PC version. I just downloaded it and the “beatmap”, as they call it, for Vertigo (I bought the song so I say it’s ok 🙂 ) I think I’ve just wasted one to two hours already on it… and I still didn’t beat it. But the truly wonderful thing about Osu! is that there’s a track editor : You can make your own levels! I might try later. It’s a good thing it doesn’t work in OS X or under Parallels; you wouldn’t be able to keep me away!