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Touchfest : iPod touch review – (Re)Unboxing, contents and iPod touch exterior design

In Apple, iTunes/iPod on October 10, 2007 at 4:21 pm

And so, the review begins. Let’s start off by checking out the packaging.

Here’s the front of the box featuring Macy Gray, used to designate iPods touches (that should be) without the negative black screen problem.

The iPod touch, in the usual plastic wrapping, sits on top of a plastic tray. Under it is a small black box and a white bag.

The little box includes a Quick Start guide and an a important information booklet. They were in both French and English, probably since this was a Canadian model. It also comes with the ever-important Apple Stickers and a cleaning cloth. Before we move on, let’s talk about the iPod touch. It has the usual metallic back iPods are known for and a glass-protected front. Both attract fingerprints like mad. In low light conditions, the screen itself can hide well most fingerprints but in direct sunlight you’ll be able to see them and in touch-intensive activities such as web browsing, colour distortion due to fingerprints may occur. This is one, if not the most annoying problem with the iPod but fortunately, Apple thought about it and included the cleaning cloth. Keep it with you wherever you and your iPod go. And don’t play with the iPod when eating greasy foods; it will probably just make things worst.

The bag includes the mini-dock connector, smaller than the older model, the redesigned Apple earphones, an iPod touch-compatible dock adaptor and a small plastic stand to make viewing video hands-free on the touch more enjoyable.

That’s it for the unpacking. Check in next time as I look at the Music features of the touch.

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