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Osu! : The Revenge of the Agents

In DS, Like a Drug, Windows on a Mac on October 19, 2007 at 10:31 pm

I’m addicted to Elite Beat Agents. To paraphrase the Pringles slogan, “Once you tap, the fun don’t stop.” I literally need to fool myself and press the POWER button quickly before I realize it to stop playing. Well, thanks to an article on Joystiq, that feeling that drove me nuts during the last Holidays is back in the form of Osu! – an EBA/Ouendan PC version. I just downloaded it and the “beatmap”, as they call it, for Vertigo (I bought the song so I say it’s ok 🙂 ) I think I’ve just wasted one to two hours already on it… and I still didn’t beat it. But the truly wonderful thing about Osu! is that there’s a track editor : You can make your own levels! I might try later. It’s a good thing it doesn’t work in OS X or under Parallels; you wouldn’t be able to keep me away!


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