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Friday’s Coming Soon… But You Already Knew That

In Mac, Wii on October 24, 2007 at 3:06 pm

I should never promise anything anymore. I don’t update the comic and haven’t finished my iPod touch review. In the end, it’s that I’m very busy and when I don’t have anything else to do, Kart Rider always seems like the right choice. ­čÖé In any case, I am going to do a Super Mario Galaxy video review; I’ve been planning for a while.

Another reason why I’m busy is with the impending launch of Leopard. I’ve┬ádecide┬áto erase my hard drive and do a clean installation. My Mac’s been acting odd these last few months so a new OS seems like the perfect time to start fresh. I’ve backed up my iTunes directory, backed up and then removed Boot Camp and just before I can get my hands on Leopard, I will back up my important files. While doing this, I’ve been covering my desk with Post-Its reminding me of everything from the apps I’ll need to reinstall to the podcasts I’ll have to┬ásubscribe┬áto again. It might all take a while but I have the feeling it’ll be worth it.


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