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In Mac on October 27, 2007 at 8:31 am

Ah, Time Machine. Revered for it’s ease of use. Loathed for it’s missing support for Airport Extreme-connected network drives. It’s the showcase Leopard feature (Although, I’d say that crown should go to Quick Look.) but it does have some kinks. I decided to go ahead and try it on my external drive. I have about 60 Gigs free on it and the initial backup is about 35 GB. I’ll probably need to find another external drive soon since space for Final Cut Express projects doesn’t grown on trees. May as well go off and eat some breakfast : it’s at 1.87 GB now and it’s not exactly going at blazing speeds.

Another killer feature is the system wide grammar checker. Now, I’m sure you might not always care if there’s a better word you can use than “fast” or if it’s better to use “it’s” or “its”. You can count yourself lucky if you find a complete sentence while on the Web. But, French reeks of grammar rules. And the feature that made me love Pages is now available across OS X, in both French and English – and probably other languages too. I haven’t tested it out in French but the feature is there.

What is odd is how TextEdit now has the single feature that would render Pages perfect : Autosave! When I saw it in Apple’s list of 300+ new features, I was shocked. I still can’t believe they don’t have it in Pages!


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