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Welcome to Windows! How May I Piss You Off?

In Mac, Windows on a Mac on October 28, 2007 at 12:54 pm

I finished re-installing Boot Camp yesterday… or so I thought. I had to call MS since I passed the set number of installs. Two long series of numbers and a “No, I do not have it installed on another computer” later, I’m up and running. I then set up Parallels. The last thing I installed was the free Kapersky Internet Security that came with Parallels. It was not a smooth install – everything kept failing with it. Apparently, it decided to trash the whole XP install, too. I repaired a Vista install a few days earlier so I tried my luck using XP “Repair” option. Unlike Vista’s, XP repair option only gives you the tools to do it yourself. Not being a computer tech, I decided to forget about the “Repair” option and visit the XP support site. The error I was getting, according to Microsoft, only comes if I installed 98 or ME before XP or if there is no OS installed; obviously, nether option fit my case. So, I’m reisntalling XP now… and will stay the Hell away from Kapersky.


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