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Do Not Play Until End Of Book

In DS, Mac, Wii on November 1, 2007 at 8:36 pm

November already! In a few days, I, and many others, will be able to play the Wii flagship game, Super Mario Galaxy. I’m looking ahead to what other games I’ll play before the end of the year. Right now I’m going through the final Harry Potter book – What can I say? I love the series like many others younger and older than me. – which came out in French only last Friday. I’m avoiding getting any new games before I finish reading but I do have some picks in mind.

Super Mario Galaxy (Wii) : The game isn’t out yet but I can pretty much say it now : You should get this game. It looks amazing and, hell, it’s a new Mario game.

Zack & Wiki (Wii) : A game that makes journalists arrange a campaign to entice people to buy it must be good.

Sim City Societies (PC) : Oh, Societies. I’m actually scared about this game. I’ve been playing Sim City since Sim City 2000 and while I’ll admit that I’m far from being a hardcore player, or a very good one for that matter, I love the game and how it works. The problem with the latest version is that I still have yet to grasp what exactly there is to play in it. It seems… too open-ended. That’s why I’m scared about buying it but, at the same time, I’m intrigued and I am a fan of the series. Let’s hope that the devs that are taking Maxis’ place in the development of their star franchise don’t screw up. … And I hope Maxis finishes Spore soon. Now there’s a game to watch for!

The Legend of Zelda : Phantom Hourglass (DS) maybe with Wind Waker (GameCube) : I don’t know… I just don’t feel really in a Zelda mood lately. Let’s just say I’m not sold yet.

Other games to note : 

Pirates of the Caribbean Online (Mac and PC) : Just thought I’d put this in since it’s free (except for extra features that come at the cost of a monthly fee). I’ve played a bit yesterday. It’s OK but it’s also much too early for me to give any recommendation as to if it’s worth your time.

Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games (Wii) : This used to be a “must buy” for me until I realized that in the end, it’s just more mini-games!  


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