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In DS, Nintendo, Wii on December 4, 2007 at 6:53 pm

Apparently, CNet is not stopping it’s slow decent into Inferno. It seems that no matter what happened for Gerstmann to get fired, Gamespot is damned. I just read a post on Kotaku with info from an anonymous GameSpot employee. It seems that moral is low and if nothing is done on CNet’s part to clear things up, people will start resigning. It’s a real shame too. While I rarely read their reviews, mostly since I try to keep the least possible amount of others’ comments in my own reviews, their site has a nice collection of useful features such as forums for every game.

Like I said, until CNet stops talking like the emotionless corporation they are acting like right now, no one will trust what they say. Corporate speak never works online. I’ll be subscribing to GameSpot’s podcast The HotSpot to see if the upcoming tribute will change anything. Probably not… it’s from GS themselves and all we’ll get it what the GS staff will be permitted to say.



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