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Duke, Who, Peg n’ Chuz

In DS, Mac, Windows on a Mac on December 18, 2007 at 7:23 pm

It’s a triple dose of “About time”s!First off – A teaser for Duke Nukem Forever will come out tomorrow. If you don’t know about this game, let’s just say it should be called Duke Nukem Takes Forever. According to Joystiq, it’s been in the works for over 10 years.Second – It’s official : After rumors and speculations, the truth is out. There is a Doctor Who game in the works for PC, PS2 and DS. As much as licence-based games usually suck, I’ll keep my eye on this one.Finally, third and fourth – both Peggle and Chuzzle, Popcap games I was addicted to and the latter I bought for PC, are now available on Mac. It has been a while since Chuzzle came out and Peggle for Mac has been announced for months. I’m glad that both are available and at 50% off as all Popcap games are now until January 3rd, I doubt I’ll resist getting at least one.


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