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The Broadband Network Done Right

In Mac, TV on January 28, 2008 at 2:19 pm

When I first found out about CTV’s Broadband Network, let’s just say it was pretty disappointing if you were a Mac user. Since then, Mac support became much better, with support for Flip4Mac. But when using it with Safari, there were still come issues. CTV’s Comedy Network was also on the Broadband Network but also offered content on their site using a combination Flash-Sliverlight (Microsoft’s answer to Flash) player. Now the CTV Digital Media Group has launched a beta of the new Broadband Network starting off with The Comedy Network shows. This player uses Flash, lets Mac users go full screen (a first for the Broadband Network), and is overflowing with content. 7 words: Seasons 1 through 11 of South Park. There is more tasteful comedy too: Daily Show, Colbert, Corner Gas and clips from a large selection of comics. You can enjoy here… if you’re Canadian.


What’s Not to Love?

In Mac on January 21, 2008 at 5:58 pm

MacHeist is having their 2nd annual Mac app bundle sale. You get 13 apps (a 14th one should be unlocked very soon) for $49. They range from games such as WingNut 2 to Photoshop replacement (although it isn’t for the average PS user, just the basic stuff) Pixelmator. 25% of your purchase goes to one of or equally between 10 charities. Since I had the money and a $10 discount for having participated in the “heists,” I simply couldn’t say no. If you’re interested in knowing how to use some of the apps, ScreenCasts Online has tutorials for Pixelmator, 1password and Speed Download.

You can get the bundle using this link (which will give me some bonus apps 🙂 ) You have until the end of Wednesday. 

And now : Macworld in a Few Sentences.

In Apple, iPhone, iTunes/iPod, Mac, TV on January 15, 2008 at 11:50 pm

(I don’t have time for a full article but I expect to have a full review of the iTouch software update.)

Time Capsule : Great idea but don’t current Airport Extremes have “Airdisk” hard drive sharing? Why can’t they make Time Machine work with that?

iPhone update : The stuff that got leaked already plus a bit more. Free.

iPod Touch update : The same update for free (as far as I can tell) but the missing iPhone apps (Mail, Maps, etc.) are now available for $20 but come standard in new touches. Really, what the hell, Apple?

Movie Rentals : They got Universal on board?! I wouldn’t hold my breath with an international release soon or even this year. That’s what Steve said for movie purchases last time. Canada only got TV in December.

Apple TV : Free update and one hell of an update it is. I think Steve is right. Take 2 was the right take. From the couch purchases and rentals (even in HD + 5.1). Last year was the year of the iPhone. This one might be the year of the Apple TV… and the mobile OS X SDK.

MacBook Air : Slim as hell. A bit too lacking in features for me but there is a market and you can’t say that Apple doesn’t push itself to innovate (Apparently, it pushes Intel too.) . 

Hitting Them When They’re Down

In Apple on January 15, 2008 at 3:28 pm is down. I did follow the keynote online up to the launch of the Air. Yeah, I saw that… You greedy bastards!

WGeh! – Into the Devil’s Cave: A Trip to

In TV on January 13, 2008 at 12:11 am

I get it that you can’t just sit down and take a beating. But isn’t it awful when you do start fighting, that you end up hitting yourself?

The AMPTP : The Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers. Also know as Satan by WGA supporters. They are the ones negotiating not negotiating with the writers. I decided to Google them and find their website. It’s at  . You arrive at the hompage and can instantly see their spin on things.

(Before we go too far, I would like to ask the AMPTP why they can’t cough up a few extra dollars to get a logo that wasn’t design by someone who can’t write on a single line… I guess they weren’t a writer.)

You’re presented with a set of two widgets named “Pencils Down… is Adding Up”. One shows how much the strike is costing the writers – Demoralize the enemy – and  how much it’s costing the IATSE – Make the enemy turn against each other.

Finally a sequence of images shows which hard working members of the community are getting paid less than an average working writer: surgeons, family doctors and airplane pilots. Not to mention teachers, fire fighters, police offers and EMTs combined. Those greedy writing basterds! How dare they… what? Oh you’re wondering why they say “working” writers. Well, Jimmy, that’s because, according to this writer-made video (nicely done with what I assume is Keynote)…

Only 52 % of them work at any given moment. I bet those officers love their steady jobs.

Let’s move on to the AMPTP’s fact-o-rama page “Dollars & Sense.” Here are some interesting facts for you:

-In the top 10 shows of the 06 to 07 TV season, only 4 shows were scripted. The rest was probably mindless reality show crap. Congratulations America! Most of you don’t know quality TV.

-In their current contract, writers get residuals for New Media only content (read strait-to-Internet). The AMPTP was unable to convince them to do that stuff pro bono, it seems. Who would have guessed?

-6 out of 10 movies can never make more profit than it cost to make it in the first place. Stop making bad movies, then!

On the Video page, they have a video (done in maybe PowerPoint although saying so would be disrespecting it’s capabilities) that is trying to portay the WGA as evil for trying to gain more power. Hell, according to the writers’ video, you’ve been screwing them over for about two decades with home video. I don’t blame them for wanting more power.

You can visit AMPTP site yourself to discover all the group’s failed attempt at vilifying the WGA. “Vilify,” where did I hear that before?

P.S. : The directors are now going up against the AMPTP for their contract. Good luck, guys.

WGeh! – Your Strike, My TV.

In TV on January 12, 2008 at 11:11 pm

I watch TV. A lot of it. And in different ways. I watch House on TV, preferably in HD. I watch the previous day’s Daily Show and Cobert Report online. I record Chuck using my eyeTV and watch it the next day during my commute. I bought the available episodes of Avatar : The Last Airbender Season 3 off of iTunes and will start watching them when I’m done with the Season 2 episodes I ripped using Handbreak from my DVDs.

So obviously, I’m being heavily affected by the WGA strike.  Chuck is about to air their last episodes and LOST has it’s own 8 episode expiry date. I haven’t talk much about the whole event but now it’s ugly face is starting to show itself for real and man, is it ugly.

For the record, the WGA is rightfully demanding a fair deal for DVD profits and profits from Internet media. I support them entirely. That’s not to say that the strike hasn’t wreaked havoc upon the airways. Hell, that’s kind of the whole point.

In the WGeh! series of posts, I’ll be giving my opinions relating to the events of the strike both as a television watcher and a Canadian. Because it might be your strike but it’s my TV.


In Apple on January 9, 2008 at 3:39 pm

I’ve been pretty busy these days. No, I wasn’t busy playing Guitar Hero. I was busy playing Guitar Hero, among other things.

Apple updated new Mac Pros yesterday. 8 cores standard. And for 2799$… US. Why it’s 100$ more Canadian with the whole parity thing going on, I don’t know.

And on that Apple-related note, let’s start the countdown…

5 days until the Keynote!


In Mac, Wii on January 1, 2008 at 12:33 am

Happy New Year! May it be full of ultra-portable MacBooks and Wii hard drives… or at least health and happiness.