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And now : Macworld in a Few Sentences.

In Apple, iPhone, iTunes/iPod, Mac, TV on January 15, 2008 at 11:50 pm

(I don’t have time for a full article but I expect to have a full review of the iTouch software update.)

Time Capsule : Great idea but don’t current Airport Extremes have “Airdisk” hard drive sharing? Why can’t they make Time Machine work with that?

iPhone update : The stuff that got leaked already plus a bit more. Free.

iPod Touch update : The same update for free (as far as I can tell) but the missing iPhone apps (Mail, Maps, etc.) are now available for $20 but come standard in new touches. Really, what the hell, Apple?

Movie Rentals : They got Universal on board?! I wouldn’t hold my breath with an international release soon or even this year. That’s what Steve said for movie purchases last time. Canada only got TV in December.

Apple TV : Free update and one hell of an update it is. I think Steve is right. Take 2 was the right take. From the couch purchases and rentals (even in HD + 5.1). Last year was the year of the iPhone. This one might be the year of the Apple TV… and the mobile OS X SDK.

MacBook Air : Slim as hell. A bit too lacking in features for me but there is a market and you can’t say that Apple doesn’t push itself to innovate (Apparently, it pushes Intel too.) . 


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