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Boldly Re-branded

In TV on March 29, 2008 at 6:23 pm

CBC recently relaunched their two cable channels. There’s their documentary channel, named exactly that : documentary. And there’s Country Canada – now know as bold. According to their site, it’s “home to the world’s best performing arts, intelligent drama and daring comedy.” They started a free preview of bold today and I decided to take a look. The first show I watched was The Insider. I only saw part of the particularly gruesome episode entitled Skin and Bones and saw Adam Baldwin who I know better as John Casey from Chuck. Then I enjoyed an episode of the Winnipeg Comedy Festival honouring Prime Ministers. While good, it’s what else is on the line-up that’s interesting. Fridays at 9, bold is showing episodes of my favourite Canadian drama, The Border, and Wednesdays at 8, they’re showing my new favourite British Sci-Fi, Doctor Who. I can’t wait since I’ve only discovered the show during Series 3. They also have The Tudors (with a 3-episode, commercial-free marathon coming soon), HBO’s The Comeback, the recently cancelled Intelligence and MVP and Curling. The channel’s free for a full month so check out their site and take it for a spin.


Sure it Works But Can it Play Guitar Hero?

In Apple, Mac on March 1, 2008 at 12:13 pm

I’m sad.  Apparently, my Exposé-induced crashes might be caused by the 3rd party RAM I added a while back. I had 2GB of RAM but now I’m back down to 1. Sure my Mac seems to work but Guitar Hero requires a minimum of 2 GB  of RAM. And it was laggy with that!

I Love Loosing Work

In Apple, Mac on March 1, 2008 at 12:13 am

Even back when I was using Tiger, my MacBook Pro was plagued with these odd crashes : My screen would freeze when I used Exposé but my mouse would still work and iTunes, for example, would keep playing. Other times, everything would stop and I’d get the spinning beach ball. They seemed to have stopped when I installed Leopard. Unfortuantely, they started to occur again and following a day when it happened three times, I called AppleCare. They recommended that I clear up my drive (my Mac HD had only 5 GB left) and if that doesn’t help, do an Archive & Install of Leopard. I freed up about 10 GBs but the crashes kept happening. I did the A&I about 2 weeks ago and it’s been all good… until now. I got the Exposé freeze three times this week. This last time (and the time before), I got it when working on one of those documents. You know, the kind you swear to all things holy that if you loose you would take it out on something / one. Fortunately, the worst I lost was a single sentence and I have various versions of said document in my Time Machine back up, on a separate drive and online. I’m going to call AppleCare when they open and see what I  or they can do now.