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Boldly Re-branded

In TV on March 29, 2008 at 6:23 pm

CBC recently relaunched their two cable channels. There’s their documentary channel, named exactly that : documentary. And there’s Country Canada – now know as bold. According to their site, it’s “home to the world’s best performing arts, intelligent drama and daring comedy.” They started a free preview of bold today and I decided to take a look. The first show I watched was The Insider. I only saw part of the particularly gruesome episode entitled Skin and Bones and saw Adam Baldwin who I know better as John Casey from Chuck. Then I enjoyed an episode of the Winnipeg Comedy Festival honouring Prime Ministers. While good, it’s what else is on the line-up that’s interesting. Fridays at 9, bold is showing episodes of my favourite Canadian drama, The Border, and Wednesdays at 8, they’re showing my new favourite British Sci-Fi, Doctor Who. I can’t wait since I’ve only discovered the show during Series 3. They also have The Tudors (with a 3-episode, commercial-free marathon coming soon), HBO’s The Comeback, the recently cancelled Intelligence and MVP and Curling. The channel’s free for a full month so check out their site and take it for a spin.


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