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Why I Love This… Holy Crap! He’s dead!

In TV on May 29, 2008 at 10:29 pm

Well, it happened. Lost has wrapped up it fourth season. It started exactly where the legendary third season finale finished, with the partial revelation of who was in the coffin, someone under an assumed name. It went on with the death of Keamy & Co. … or so we thought. Keamy came back with a vengeance and so did Ben. Unfortunately, by killing Keamy, he killed (one would assume, but who knows) both Micheal and Jin. He went on to cause the Island to teleport and, as we saw in “The Shape of Things to Come,” appear in the middle of the desert, far from his Island. The Oceanic 6 with Frank and Desmond got saved by Penny and finally, we know who was truly in the casket. Locke is off the Island and dead.

And by the way, DHARMA is recruiting.


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