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LOST: The Movie? Not Exactly.

In iTunes/iPod, TV on June 30, 2008 at 12:47 am

I said I wanted to. So I did. I turned the lights off, put my speakers at full volume and rented Cloverfield from iTunes. I told myself I had to watch it at least once since it was produced by J.J. Abrams : Mr. LOST himself. So how was it? Well let’s start off by putting it this way : The movie starts off by referring to the “Area formerly known as ‘Central Park.'” Yeah.

It’s a monster movie, the monster being known by its codename “Cloverfield.” But unlike what you might expect, it’s not about the monster. After watching you will still not know why it’s attacking New York, where it came from or even what happened to it. The movie is about a group of people trying to escape it, shown by the point of view of their video camera. It’s not a movie version of LOST, though, even if it takes some elements from it. You know nothing about the monster and, at the start, you only see it in a few frames. The characters were just having a good time at a party (much like enjoying a routine Sydney-LA flight) when all Hell breaks loose. Much like every week on LOST, the movie’s ending leaves you wondering. On the other hand, it lacks any mystery to develop. Cloverfield is simply shown to the audience after a while without any understanding as to what it is. And again, you’ll never know or be given any clues to know more. It’s just there so live with it, OK?

Regardless, the movie is enjoyable and worth renting (or buying, if you’re into that) but be warned : no one’s kidding about the camera work. I was able to stomach it, but then again, I wasn’t watching it on a big screen.

I whine a bit more about the movie and its predictable moments but it’s mildly spoiler-ish. To read it, just click on the link right here.

Since it’s a law that people in these movies must be a combination of heroic and stupid, they also go chasing after one of the main character’s love interest who is, obviously, on one of the top floors of a heavily-damaged but still inctact building near to where Cloverfield is.That’s probably the movie’s biggest problem : its cliché elements. Let’s all go in the subway tunnel! Hey camera guy! Don’t forget to put on the night vision on the camera just before we get jumped on! Look at us! We’re escaping Manhattan by crossing a bridge during the first 30 minutes of the movie! Nothing can go… OH MY GOD! One of the members of the group just died! Thank goodness it’s only one… Right?

But in all seriousness, the movie does have a few shockers. One in particular was so unexpected and grusome, I had to pause the movie and take a breather.


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