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The iPhone 2.0 Launch – News And Info For iPhone 3G Buyers

In iPhone on July 10, 2008 at 12:00 pm

Well, it happened. Congratulations, Canada. Rogers and Fido now offer a $30 plan that will offer 6GB of data. It’s a limited time offer but you get grab it until the 31st of August.

So you’re planing on getting the iPhone 3G in Canada. Well, start off by checking out the sites for the iPhone plans for Fido and Rogers. These are the pre-assembled plans for the iPhone but remember that you can assemble your own with pre-existing plans. While Fido does offer earlier evenings, it’s $5 a month or $0,25 per minute to access the larger Rogers network. Don’t forget to also check where you can get an iPhone and if you have Rogers or Fido and 3G coverage.

Rogers :

The iPhone plans

Rogers’ other plans

MacRumors article about the 6GB plan

Canadian wireless coverage (Under “Select Wireless Network”: GSM = the network, HSPA = 3G coverage)

International coverage

Store locator (Select “iPhone and accessory”)

Fido :

The iPhone plan

Fido’s other plans

The 6GB plan press release

Canadian coverage maps (with 3G and expanded (Rogers) network)

US coverage

International coverage

Rogers network access charges

Stores with iPhones


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