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Any Way You Choose – Trism Review

In iPhone, iTunes/iPod on July 20, 2008 at 5:46 pm

Name – Trism (Version 1.0)

Price – $4.99

Controls – Touch Screen, Tilt

Purchase on the App Store

The App Store is here and it brought a few games with it. Today, I’ll be looking at one : Trism. The idea behind the game isn’t new. You line up groups of 3 shapes, in this case triangles, by sliding rows into place. What sets Trism apart is its use of the iPod touch’s or the iPhone’s accelerometer.

You are able to choose from which direction the board gets filled. Let’s say you clear three triangles at the right side of a horizontal row. By tilting downwards the device to the left, new triangles will appear from the right of the screen. By tilting to the right, the part of the row already in play will fill the void. With this new mechanic, the genre receives a new aspect of strategy. While you previously only wondered which piece to move, now you also have to choose which way to tilt the device.

The game also has special pieces such as locks which block movement and bombs that make you loose the game if they aren’t eliminated. Some pieces and combos have abilities that aren’t covered in the game’s tutorials. Nothing to make you unable to play but you’ll certainly score better and play longer when you learn about them. I’ll leave you to discover what they are.

The game comes with a classic mode where you play until you are unable to disarm a bomb, another where you must complete matches quickly or have locks and time-delayed bombs appear, a free play mode without any obstacles, levels or score and a puzzle mode where you tilt the play field to eliminate the triangles. These give you the chance to play however you want.

Trism lets you post your score to an online leaderboard and collect achievements. You can even let multiple people do so by creating multiple Trism accounts. You’ll be able send in scores and achievements (even those you got previously while you were offline) after completing a game. Be warned: make sure to send in your info before switching users. I learned that the hard way and lost some achievements. Your game is saved if turn off the screen or exit the app, a useful feature for busy people. If you are colour bind, Trism also has you covered.

The controls act a bit buggy at times. They seem to “stick.” When letting go of the touch screen, a triangle might stay selected and triangles that should slide, according to the orientation of the device, don’t. In the puzzle mode, the game nags you to restart if you go over the number of recommended moves to complete a level. It’s annoying but the glitches have a minimal impact on the gameplay.

The game’s visuals are simple but of high quality. The game has no soundtrack and only has some unobtrusive sound effects which go great with the fact you can play while listening to music. I found the battery performance to be very good (with an iPod touch) even when playing with the music on.

Final Verdict

Trism isn’t based on anything new but it does bring something different to the table. And even if it didn’t, the game is only $5, a bargain compared to other App Store games. It’s an easy purchase if you enjoy casual games or are just looking for a time-waster.

EDIT: I added information about the battery and the colour bind mode and a few pictures.

EDIT 2: Corrected a spelling mistake, cleared up the explanation for the freeplay mode and specified that the battery life was tested with an iPod touch.


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