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All I Want For Christmas Are iPod Games

In iPhone, iTunes/iPod on December 23, 2008 at 3:51 pm

I’ve almost stopped using my DS at all. Why should I use it? It’s just another thing in my pocket and the only games I have left for it is Elite Beat Agents and Brain Age 2. With the App Store, I’ve been playing a bunch of games. Unfortunately, there’s been a recent surge in interesting games in the store and now I have a whole list of games I’d like to get. I’m not sure which I’ll choose… they all look pretty good.

Sim City (Get it)

I love Sim City. The love started with Sim City 2000 and went on up until Sim City 4 and its Rush Hour expansion. Then came Sim City DS. It seemed good but after having a few issues with it, I stopped playing it at all. But here comes (what I understand to be) a full Sim City 3000 experience for the iPod touch. I’m no longer as interested with simulation games as I was before but hey… I thought the same thing of MMORPGs. Then City of Heroes came along.

i Love Katamari (Get it)

I’ve never played a Katamari game but I was always fascinated by the series. You roll a ball around and collect items that stick to said ball. Simple, yet interesting. The original release on the App Store apparently sucked but a new update has the game back on my radar.

Puzzle Quest (Get it)

I loved the DS version and I was excited to get it for my iPod. It’s a shame then the game is being split up in to 3 instalments. How much will each chapter cost? How much of the game do I get with the 1st chapter? This “Must-Buy” has been downgraded to a “Maybe.”

Monopoly Here and Now: The World Edition (Get it)

I really love Monopoly. Like, really love it. That’s all you need to know.

Here are some other interesting games:

Tap Tap Dance (Get it)

Tap Tap Revenge is a great free game and Dance seems to bring it to a whole other level.

Rolando (Get it)

It’s been getting some high praises and it looks well done. Who knows? I might get it.

Heroes of Sparta (Get it)

This one looks interesting too.


Why I Love This Show: The Border – The Season 2 Finale

In TV on December 22, 2008 at 11:03 pm

The Season 2 finale rocked. Hard.

Easily the most shocking last 10 minutes I’ve seen. Huge explosion. Unexpected death. And a final shot that can only be challenged by seeing Locke lying in the casket at the end of the season 4 of LOST.

Why has The Border not been picked up by a network in the US?

I Don’t Do Tights

In Like a Drug, Mac on December 22, 2008 at 7:23 pm

I thought I got over MMORPGs a while back… I Guess not.

About 2 years ago, if I remember correctly (and that’s doubtful), I was a World of Warcraft player. I played, had fun and got fed up. The last time I played, I think I had the account essentially to tide me over until I got my Wii. After that, I played a few MMOs here and there but since they were PC-only and hidden on my Windows Boot Camp partition, resisting temptation was as easy as just not opening Windows.

Flashforward to now and I’m yet again hooked on the online gaming craze. This time, it’s because of the open beta for the Mac version of City of Heroes. Put simply, it’s like World of Warcraft, except you’re in a city and you’re a super hero (You can be a villain too). Except for the rare glitch, It works wonderfully on my MacBook Pro. And by rare glitch, I really mean it. It is remarkably stable! You can sign up for free (for the beta) right here.

If you’re ever online, my character’s name is Alphonzo Green. I’m a super hero that looks like a green mobster.

What? I didn’t want to be dressed in tights.