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I Don’t Do Tights

In Like a Drug, Mac on December 22, 2008 at 7:23 pm

I thought I got over MMORPGs a while back… I Guess not.

About 2 years ago, if I remember correctly (and that’s doubtful), I was a World of Warcraft player. I played, had fun and got fed up. The last time I played, I think I had the account essentially to tide me over until I got my Wii. After that, I played a few MMOs here and there but since they were PC-only and hidden on my Windows Boot Camp partition, resisting temptation was as easy as just not opening Windows.

Flashforward to now and I’m yet again hooked on the online gaming craze. This time, it’s because of the open beta for the Mac version of City of Heroes. Put simply, it’s like World of Warcraft, except you’re in a city and you’re a super hero (You can be a villain too). Except for the rare glitch, It works wonderfully on my MacBook Pro. And by rare glitch, I really mean it. It is remarkably stable! You can sign up for free (for the beta) right here.

If you’re ever online, my character’s name is Alphonzo Green. I’m a super hero that looks like a green mobster.

What? I didn’t want to be dressed in tights.


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