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Duke, Who, Peg n’ Chuz

In DS, Mac, Windows on a Mac on December 18, 2007 at 7:23 pm

It’s a triple dose of “About time”s!First off – A teaser for Duke Nukem Forever will come out tomorrow. If you don’t know about this game, let’s just say it should be called Duke Nukem Takes Forever. According to Joystiq, it’s been in the works for over 10 years.Second – It’s official : After rumors and speculations, the truth is out. There is a Doctor Who game in the works for PC, PS2 and DS. As much as licence-based games usually suck, I’ll keep my eye on this one.Finally, third and fourth – both Peggle and Chuzzle, Popcap games I was addicted to and the latter I bought for PC, are now available on Mac. It has been a while since Chuzzle came out and Peggle for Mac has been announced for months. I’m glad that both are available and at 50% off as all Popcap games are now until January 3rd, I doubt I’ll resist getting at least one.


I’m Sold But GameSpot Has a High Mountain to Climb

In DS, Nintendo, Wii on December 5, 2007 at 4:37 pm

I’m listening to The Hot Spot right now and I’m sold.  As they said, it was a perfect storm. The worst case scenario happened. They are far from being out of the Hell they are in but don’t think I’ll keep on feeling guilty if I post any of my upcoming video reviews on their site.

Yet, at the same time, there is that small issue, the little detail, that makes it impossible for me to have the same opinion of them as before : We still don’t know why Jeff got fired and chances are, we never will.

In The HotSpot

In DS, Nintendo, Wii on December 4, 2007 at 6:53 pm

Apparently, CNet is not stopping it’s slow decent into Inferno. It seems that no matter what happened for Gerstmann to get fired, Gamespot is damned. I just read a post on Kotaku with info from an anonymous GameSpot employee. It seems that moral is low and if nothing is done on CNet’s part to clear things up, people will start resigning. It’s a real shame too. While I rarely read their reviews, mostly since I try to keep the least possible amount of others’ comments in my own reviews, their site has a nice collection of useful features such as forums for every game.

Like I said, until CNet stops talking like the emotionless corporation they are acting like right now, no one will trust what they say. Corporate speak never works online. I’ll be subscribing to GameSpot’s podcast The HotSpot to see if the upcoming tribute will change anything. Probably not… it’s from GS themselves and all we’ll get it what the GS staff will be permitted to say.


Weekend Update (Since It’s Not Like SNL’s Going to Use it These Days)

In DS, Nintendo, Wii on December 2, 2007 at 12:37 pm

I was away during the weekend and wouldn’t you know, Hell broke loose. Apparently, since no one has yet to confirm or deny without a shadow of a doubt, Gamestop might have fired Jeff Gerstmann for a bad review of the site-sponsoring game Kane & Lynch.

Following this discovery, the Internet blew up.  It’s like all the commotion about the British teacher and her class’ teddy bear only with less demands for a death sentence and more cancelling of paid accounts.

I just hope for C Net’s sake they stop giving some vague statements and give something that will put this to rest before all they’re left with are the ruins of a once-great gaming site.

Questing with Puzzles

In DS on November 28, 2007 at 12:34 am

I got my hands on Puzzle Quest yesterday. They had four copies at Future Shop and due to their method of stacking different games behind others (like at music stores), I missed them all when I checked last weekend. Overall, I’m a bit dissapointed. After playing the PC version, that has a whole lot more screen real estate compared to the DS, It feels as if everything is stuffed and hidden. But it’s still Puzzle Quest gameplay-wise so it’s ok.

Another addiction? and Review News

In DS, Like a Drug, Wii, Windows on a Mac on November 23, 2007 at 11:02 pm

I’m looking around for a good pick-up-and-play DS game. I convinced myself that I shouldn’t buy Sim City Societies right now. It was a painful decision since I am a huge fan of the series and I really wanted to know what it was about. But, I’ve concluded that It’s not a perfect game and there are chances I won’t get hooked on it enough to make it worth $50. So now I’m looking for a game I can enjoy during those times when I don’t have much else to do. That game seems to be Puzzle Quest. I tried the PC demo yesterday and I like the game play. Think of it as an RPG with 2-player Vs. Bejewled as battle gameplay. I got hooked on it. I’m not yet sure if I’ll like it like I like Elite Beat Agents (which I started playing again a bit) but since it’s been out for a while, I hope to be able to get a nice discount compared to it’s launch price.And now, the review. I’ve worked on it a bit tonight. Started doing the voice recording and I’m already well into it. I don’t expect any major delays this weekend (although, I haven’t bought Puzzle Quest yet) so if all goes well, it should be done by Sunday.

Do Not Play Until End Of Book

In DS, Mac, Wii on November 1, 2007 at 8:36 pm

November already! In a few days, I, and many others, will be able to play the Wii flagship game, Super Mario Galaxy. I’m looking ahead to what other games I’ll play before the end of the year. Right now I’m going through the final Harry Potter book – What can I say? I love the series like many others younger and older than me. – which came out in French only last Friday. I’m avoiding getting any new games before I finish reading but I do have some picks in mind.

Super Mario Galaxy (Wii) : The game isn’t out yet but I can pretty much say it now : You should get this game. It looks amazing and, hell, it’s a new Mario game.

Zack & Wiki (Wii) : A game that makes journalists arrange a campaign to entice people to buy it must be good.

Sim City Societies (PC) : Oh, Societies. I’m actually scared about this game. I’ve been playing Sim City since Sim City 2000 and while I’ll admit that I’m far from being a hardcore player, or a very good one for that matter, I love the game and how it works. The problem with the latest version is that I still have yet to grasp what exactly there is to play in it. It seems… too open-ended. That’s why I’m scared about buying it but, at the same time, I’m intrigued and I am a fan of the series. Let’s hope that the devs that are taking Maxis’ place in the development of their star franchise don’t screw up. … And I hope Maxis finishes Spore soon. Now there’s a game to watch for!

The Legend of Zelda : Phantom Hourglass (DS) maybe with Wind Waker (GameCube) : I don’t know… I just don’t feel really in a Zelda mood lately. Let’s just say I’m not sold yet.

Other games to note : 

Pirates of the Caribbean Online (Mac and PC) : Just thought I’d put this in since it’s free (except for extra features that come at the cost of a monthly fee). I’ve played a bit yesterday. It’s OK but it’s also much too early for me to give any recommendation as to if it’s worth your time.

Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games (Wii) : This used to be a “must buy” for me until I realized that in the end, it’s just more mini-games!  

Osu! : The Revenge of the Agents

In DS, Like a Drug, Windows on a Mac on October 19, 2007 at 10:31 pm

I’m addicted to Elite Beat Agents. To paraphrase the Pringles slogan, “Once you tap, the fun don’t stop.” I literally need to fool myself and press the POWER button quickly before I realize it to stop playing. Well, thanks to an article on Joystiq, that feeling that drove me nuts during the last Holidays is back in the form of Osu! – an EBA/Ouendan PC version. I just downloaded it and the “beatmap”, as they call it, for Vertigo (I bought the song so I say it’s ok 🙂 ) I think I’ve just wasted one to two hours already on it… and I still didn’t beat it. But the truly wonderful thing about Osu! is that there’s a track editor : You can make your own levels! I might try later. It’s a good thing it doesn’t work in OS X or under Parallels; you wouldn’t be able to keep me away!

Sonic, DS Downloads, Wiiware and more

In DS, Wii on October 10, 2007 at 2:59 pm

Seems there was a press conference today and everything you want for the Wii (and then some) got announced. Here are some Vids from GoNintendo of some Wii Channels and Wii / Wiiware Games you might want to check out.

Pokemon Farm

Check Mii Out

DS Downloads

SM Galaxy

Mario Kart Wii

And let’s not forget the big, big news : Sonic’s in Brawl!

Touchfest : The iPod touch Review – Introduction

In Apple, DS, iTunes/iPod, Like a Drug on October 4, 2007 at 5:02 pm

It’s finally that time! It’s time to review the iPod touch. I should get my new touch later tonight so you can probably expect a first part as early as tonight. Expect a review for Sonic Rush Adventure for the DS soon also. Now to kick things off, here’s what parts you can expect to be reviewed :

  1.  (Re)Unboxing, contents and iPod touch exterior design
  2. Music
  3. Video
  4. Photos
  5. Safari
  6. iTunes Wi-Fi music store
  7. YouTube
  8. Options and more

So until then, I’ll check out if the new open beta version of KartRacer, which I previously noted as being as addictive as drugs, works under Parallels. If it does, there are chances you might never hear from me again.